Natural Gas Demand Response

Earn rewards for your business for reducing your energy demand.

Our Natural Gas Demand Response (DR) Program rewards you with annual cash incentives for reducing your natural gas consumption during periods of peak energy demand. There are no costs to participate and never any performance penalties.

This program provides the flexibility to participate without impacting your operations. Our free, no-commitment survey will help tailor reduction measures around your business operations.

Program Overview

By reducing your natural gas consumption, get $500* or more per event. Here’s how it works:

A reduction event is called (up to 6 events per season)

hand clicking

Take action to reduce your natural gas usage

writing check

Incentive is calculated at $10 per CCF reduced for each event

receiving incentive in the mail

Total incentives earned are paid out at the end of each season

Customers who participated in 2022 received an average of $1,241 in incentives!

Natural Gas Demand Response Program Benefits

  • Zero cost to participate.
  • Receive annual cash incentives for natural gas curtailment.
  • Our DR team handles the entire process, from application to performance verification.
  • No penalties for not lowering your natural gas usage during an event – you are always in control.

How to Sign-Up

  1. Fill out the contact form below
  2. Get contacted for a no-cost survey to see if you qualify for the program. It’s that simple.

See if demand response is right for your business.

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